Sunday, September 9, 2007

All We Have is Now

So one of my dreams came true last night, I got to go to a Flaming Lips show. Last outdoor big-time concert? Hmmm. Dare I say the Black Crowes and Jimmy Page? Last time I had my mind completely blown by pure unadulterated groovy tunes and mass a show, never.
I've wanted to see them since Yoshimi... came out. Bubbles, bunny costumes and videos, oh my. I love me a happening and Wayne Coyne and Co. promised one. Would I ever be able to bear witness to this. Well, finally, it happened. And it was free!!

We got there pretty early and saw Cowboy Mouth, rockabilly fun, set the tone. I'm still getting used to seeing music without booze and drugs, so I always feel awkward at the beginning. My boyfriend's a bit reserved too, so I'm kind of on my own to get acclimated to rock out. But Cowboy Mouth's spastic frontman/drummer mandated screaming, jumping around, and general mayhem. Their songs were pretty great too.

After Cowboy Mouth, we decided to check out the refreshing Southern Comfort beverages that were being promoted. I have a bit of nostalgia about my SoCo and thought a sip of my tasty teenage beverage of choice would put me in the mood. Sadly, the promotion was for SC and Lime-ade, which was pretty fucking gross. So much for that.

Cold War Kids were up next, and that's when we took our positions for the night in front of the speakers. I hadn't heard them before, but the Mr. was a fan, so I felt reasonably assured of aural pleasure. Well, I love keyboards, plaintive yowls, smart lyrics and got it all. The bass was heavy and the guitars charging and lyrics sad and beautiful. At the end of the set, I was ready for the main event. "Bring it on, Flaming Lips. I am hot and ready."

We saw a little of the wizard behind the curtain as they were setting up the a/v stuff and bringing out the props. Then, then cannons exploded...

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